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Besançon happiness booster

More than a formula, it is a real promise. You only have to listen to the testimonies of its inhabitants and those who know it well to see the proof. In Besançon, happiness is within everyone’s reach. A green and sporty city, accessible and attractive, a city of art and history, trendy and connected, dynamic, young and lively… Whatever your desires, you will find all the ingredients necessary for your fulfillment in the territory. It’s up to you to find the recipe that suits you to write your own art de vivre à la bisontine.


Here you will have a good time

With 6 museums in France and the well-deserved status of City of Art and History, Besançon offers you something to feed your mind, to escape, and to contemplate the beautiful, the rare and the precious. The surrounding unspoiled nature is a magnificent playground for sports and leisure activities of all kinds. Whether you are a lover of micro-adventures, slow tourism or great history, this is the destination to put on your to-do list. To recharge your batteries and have fun, alone or with your family!

Life in the green

If the Comtois capital were a color, it would certainly be green! Here, plants are omnipresent. Synonymous with escapades and vacations, nature also brightens up the daily life of the inhabitants of Bisonne, and lends itself to numerous sports and leisure activities. A source of well-being that is unanimously recognized, which explains in part why the city of Bisonne is regularly listed among the cities where it is good to live.

To each his own happiness

Besançon and its agglomeration offer you all the ingredients for happiness: an exceptional heritage, an omnipresent and inspiring nature, unique know-how, events and demonstrations where you can meet people… In short, a host of opportunities to have a good time and recharge your batteries in the fresh air. It’s up to you to invent your own recipe, according to your aspirations and desires!

Portraits of ambassadors

Discover the portrait of our partners, these men and women of conviction who welcome you daily during a stay in Besançon and its surroundings. All these actors of tourism will know how to make you love the territory. So that you too can find your happiness here!

© Crédits photos : ©Ville de Besançon - Grand Besançon Métropole, ©Gilles Pincemaille pour Besançon Boosteur de Bonheur