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The capital of time

At the Palais Granvelle, which houses the Museum of Time, plunge into the heart of the watchmaking know-how that has made Franche-Comté vibrant for a very long time. Through a prestigious collection of clocks and timepieces, you will discover that the region beats to the rhythm of clock-making, which is a Unesco World Heritage Site. Did you know that the Besançon Observatory is one of only three organizations in the world that can award the official title of chronometer? By visiting the astronomical clock of the Saint-Jean Cathedral, you will be able to appreciate this timeless know-how.


Watchmaking and art mechanics: our know-how recognized by UNESCO

Since 2020, the know-how in watchmaking and art mechanics developed in the French-Swiss Jura Arc has been listed as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. This worldwide recognition by UNESCO crowns the precious skills developed in the capital of the Comtois. So many treasures to discover during a thematic visit around time, or by pushing the door of a watchmaker’s boutique.

Time counted, time space

At the Musée du Temps, discover the wealth of our watchmaking heritage. Time-measuring instruments, clocks, pendulums and watches with complications, tell you about an exceptional know-how perfected over the centuries. Then, from the astronomical clock to the Observatory (one of the only three establishments in the world to be able to deliver the mention “officially certified chronometer”), follow in the city the numerous testimonies of this attachment which binds us to time since ages.


L'Observatoire de Besançon

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Musée du Temps


Horloge Astronomique

Besançon, a scientific a scientific and technical vocation.

In Besançon, precision is not an empty word! With their proven know-how and skills in microtechnology, companies in this sector work for the watchmaking industry, of course, but also for cutting-edge sectors such as biomedical, telehealth, aeronautics, safety, ICT, energy, the environment, etc. Every two years, the international microtechnology and precision trade show, Micronora, also attracts thousands of professionals working in precision technologies and nanotechnologies to Besançon.

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The 24 hours of time in Besançon

Every year in June, the heart of Besançon beats to the rhythm of the 24 hours of time. During this festive weekend, meet the great watch brands and renowned designers who exhibit their collections alongside training organizations perpetuating our watchmaking know-how. During this great watchmaking festival organized on the Place Granvelle, you will also be offered animations around the workbench, and playful workshops for young and old.

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