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Il était une fois Besançon (visite simple)

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    In the heart of the "Boucle", all along the historical axes, cathedrals, fortifications, private mansions and fountains make Besançon one of the most beautiful cities in France and illustrate the diversity of its heritage.

    RDV 11 am Tourist and Convention Office, 52 Grande rue (place du Huit-Septembre 1944)
    Full price for Pedestrian Saturdays: 6 €.
    Reservation required at the Tourist Office and Congresses online or at the ticket office. No ticket purchase from the guide.


    Opening periods

    11 March, 8 April, 13 May, 10 June, 16 September, 18 November
    11/18-from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm

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    Cultural activities
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      MINI Max Additional information
    Base rate6 €-

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