Escape game au Musée des Maisons Comtoises

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    2 thematic scenarios / universes will be proposed to the players in a secret room of the Museum.
    Come and experience 2 experiences and look for clues to solve the enigmas and unravel the mystery.

    Slip into the shoes of a secret agent assigned by the CIGC to stop the action of a secret organisation that is preparing the production of a molecular capsule capable of destroying and replacing our traditional Comté cheese wheels! It's up to you to save the whole industry, time is Comté...

    Immerse yourself in the heart of Gustave Flaus' history. Go back in time and explore the region to unravel the family mystery that was hidden from him until that day in April 1955. Will you be able to distinguish the real from the fake to unravel the secret?

    By reservation

    Adults: €4.50
    Children aged 12 and over: €2.50
    Family: €12.50

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