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Balades sonores : Vauban, ses fortifications, sa Citadelle

© Balades sonores / Clémence Curlier
  • © Balades sonores / Clémence Curlier

    This sound walk was created for a smartphone application. It allows you to discover Vauban's heritage (all the devices designed by the military architect to protect the city) as it existed in Besançon at the end of the 17th century.
    The modernization of the city has led to the disappearance of several devices, which 3D imagery can reconstruct as accurately as possible, in the current state of historical knowledge.this program was developed by the company Worldplas at the initiative of Grand Besançon. The images reconstituting Vauban's fortifications were produced by the company Héritage Virtuel in Besançon. The sounds and music were produced by Radio Campus Besançon. The texts were produced by the City of Besançon - Historical Heritage Department.
    Literary extracts : "Maria ou les Bastions du Temps" by Serge DesvignePrologue of "La Vie de Saint Antide" from Bibl. mun. "Parole donnée" by François Dominique "Le serment des Limbes" by Jean-Christophe Grangé

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