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Les deux Scènes - le Théâtre Ledoux & Espace

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    Directed by Anne Tanguy, the 2 Scènes were born from the merger of the Théâtre de l'Espace - located in the heart of a priority district of Besançon - and the Théâtre musical, located in the city centre. The first, which became L'Espace, has two modular spaces with 400 and 120 seats, while the second, Théâtre Ledoux, has an Italian-style theatre with 1,000 seats. The whole is completed by Le Kursaal, a room made available by the city of Besançon, which hosts an "art house" film programme (over 300 seats). Far from being an obstacle, this spatial distribution echoes the desire of the 2 Scenes to circulate audiences, to mix aesthetics and to stir up ideas within a city of 200,000 inhabitants.
    The challenge is also to multiply the number of times artists and audiences meet, in theatres or in the field, to make the theatre a collective experience. Each season, more than 75,000 people are reached by the work of the Scène nationale.
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    Les Deux Scènes - Le Théâtre Ledoux & L'Espace

    BESANCON - from 01/01/2024 to 12/31/2024

    Centre Dramatique National