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    Since 2001, the Pernette company has presented its shows throughout France and abroad, accompanied by numerous initiatives to raise awareness of contemporary dance. The company's creative activity, marked by a taste for experimentation and encounters, has always taken different paths leading from the auditorium to the public space, via unusual places. It cultivates the confrontation with an audience that is not familiar with dance, as well as the idea of being part of the landscape and the desire to create worlds of its own. The variety of forms (from the solo to the group piece, from the short form to the musical and danced project) and the audiences reached (from the hall to the street, children and adults) is experienced without premeditation. It is a question of desire, of the contrasts sometimes necessary between experiences and of rebound, of abandonment too, from one creation to the next! For more than ten years, she has been developing a creative work for young audiences that is resolutely oriented towards the bizarre, dark and disturbing universes, bordering on the fantastic, populated by characters often on the fringe. These shows all offer different levels of reading, allowing the young and the not-so-young to be touched in their imaginations and their experiences. Themes that are often daring (exclusion, fear, the question of death, etc.) but important in terms of self-construction are approached with gentleness, poetry, energy and... humour! The need for risk, proximity, a margin of play, the desire to take movement beyond the walls of theatres; Nathalie Pernette finally thinks of the dancer's body in the urban space as that of an extraterrestrial! A particular silhouette, unfamiliar even in its clothing, an often disturbing presence that proposes another way of existing in our reality. The choreographer tries to reveal another space-time, to lift the skin of things. A kind of escape anchored in the everyday.


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    from Sunday 01/01 to Sunday 12/31/2023-

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