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La boîte chaude

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    Cooking time: 35 minutes

    Ingredients for 4 persons
    - 1 Mont d'Or of 500 g
    - 1 real Morteau sausage, 1 Morteau sausage with cumin, 1 Morteau sausage with cabbage
    - 4 slices of Haut-Doubs cured ham
    - 12 potatoes
    - 5 cl of Jura "Savagnin" white wine

    Take the 12 potatoes, wash them well and cook them with the skin on in water.
    Put them for a few minutes in the oven, preheated to 220°C to make the skin crispy.
    Cook the 3 sausages in cold water
    Allow 25 minutes of cooking time from the moment the water starts to simmer.

    Put the lid of the Mont d'Or under the box
    Hollow out the middle of the Mont d'Or with a spoon and pour the 5 cl of white wine
    Place the tin in the oven already preheated to 220°C with the potatoes cooking.
    Leave the Mont d'Or for 25 minutes (or more to obtain a golden crust).

    Arrange the ham on a plate.
    Cut up the 3 sausages and potatoes on a hot dish
    Take the Mont d'Or tin out of the oven at the last moment.
    Spoon the hot Mont d'Or over the cold cuts and potatoes

    Ideal for a winter evening with friends!

    Recipe proposed by the Syndicat Interprofessionnel de Défense du Mont d'Or

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