Les jardins de Fraîche-Comté

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    The Gardens of Fraiche-Comté are dedicated to biodiversity and biodynamics, shaped to the rhythm of nature. Several distinct areas are to be discovered: the Carolingian Clos, the garden of Hildegarde de Bingen, the famous 12th century abbess, the heritage garden, the apothecary garden, the Kokopelli area (organic seeds)... The collection of old and regional fruit trees includes Sept en Gueule and Fauvanelle pear trees, Api étoilé and Marquise de Scey apple trees, not forgetting male dogwoods, elderberry trees, cherry trees, plum trees, medlar trees...
    Open once a year as part of the "rendez-vous aux jardins".


    Opening periods

    Open during the Rendezvous in the Gardens from 02 to 04 June

    Practical information


    Park and garden
    Botanical garden
    Pleasure garden


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    Les Jardins de Fraîche Comté