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Le Grand Séminaire de Besançon

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    The major seminary of Besançon was built between 1670 and 1695 by the archbishop of Besançon, Antoine-Pierre de Grammont, according to the plans of the bursar, Abbé Durnel. In the 18th century, the architect Jean-Pierre Galezot raised the portal and added an additional main building.
    The seminary chapel, built between 1670 and 1688, in the Jesuit style, has a sumptuous two-storey façade with Corinthian pilasters.
    The seminary of Besançon took on new letters of nobility when it entered literature through the big door, in fact Stendhal made his main hero Julien Sorel pass through its premises. The novel differs from reality, but the imagination makes us relive the Red and Black when our footsteps stray into this building.

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