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With friends

Share sports activities and thrills, meet at a restaurant to discover regional products, spend an evening together during a festive event… Whatever your desires, you have everything you need in Besançon and its surroundings to organize a stay with friends that you will remember for a long time. We have high capacity accommodations to bring you together in the same place and organize convivial evenings just between you. Here, there is no shortage of places to party and enjoy concerts. Not to mention leisure activities such as an escape game or sports activities off the beaten track: climbing, kayaking, paragliding…


Our suggestions to move, vibrate, surpass yourself

A key destination for outdoor enthusiasts, the Bisonne agglomeration is a vast playground where you can have fun with your friends. It’s up to you to choose your activities, to surpass yourself and share unforgettable sensations with your friends!

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Serpe et Chaudron - Ateliers autour des Plantes sauvages et Balades botaniques


École de Parachutisme de Besançon - Franche-Comté


Safari Comtois au départ de MAMIROLLE

Our selection of accommodations

Are you looking for a place to stay in Besançon and its surroundings? Discover our good lodging plans to share moments of conviviality between friends, in the city or in the countryside according to your aspirations.

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Les Gîtes de l'Orée du Bois - Blue Music


All Suites

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Gîte du Baraquet

Our tips for festive moments

Meeting in a bar to share a drink, going to see a movie, participating in a concert with friends… You will have many opportunities to have fun here! Check out our events calendar to find out which festive events to attend with your friends.


Conférence les Tables du Grands Siècle, entre abondance et pénurie


Expositions / Esther Ferrer / La Ribot


Marché de noël au Musée des Maisons Comtoises

Our ideas for visits

During an urban stroll or a guided tour in the open air, discover the diversity and richness of our territory. And let yourself be surprised by the art of living à la bisontine, halfway between nature and culture.

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Bateau "le Battant" Vedettes de Besançon


Ateliers - Purement chocolat

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Bar-salon de thé - Le Tandem

Our gourmet addresses

Restaurant or takeaway ? Local or exotic cuisine? Whatever your desires, you will always find a place on the spot to satisfy your taste buds. To enjoy a good meal with friends, or to satisfy a small hunger.

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LÔ Restaurant


Brasserie Bière du Doubs

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Auberge Au Doubs Repos

Our shopping tips

And if you take advantage of your stay in the Grand Besançon to go shopping! There is really everything you need for fashion, decoration or gourmet shopping… It’s up to you to choose according to your needs and desires.

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My Cycle

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