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Besançon à la Renaissance, Itinéraire 1

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    The good government exercised by Margaret of Austria, regent of the Netherlands, and by Emperor Charles V brought a period of peace and prosperity to Franche Comté in the 16th century. Besançon, a free and imperial city, considered to be the fifth city of the Empire, benefited from significant privileges granted by the Emperor. The presence in Besançon of illustrious men who were friends of the Emperor and art lovers, such as Nicolas and Antoine de Granvelle, encouraged the city to embrace the artistic revival characteristic of the 16th century. But while the Palais Granvelle and the houses built by this powerful family brought the Renaissance to Besançon, many of the buildings begun in this period retain the architectural codes of the late Gothic period. Take a number of different itineraries to discover Besançon's Renaissance heritage. Route 1: Left Bank: From Place Bacchus to the Hôtel Jouffroy 3pm: Saturday 4 May, Saturday 1 June, Thursday 4 July 10am: Wednesday 7 August RDV Place Bacchus in front of the fountain Full price: €8 Bookings can be made at the Greater Besançon Tourist Office.


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    3pm: Saturday 4 May, Saturday 1 June, Thursday 4 July 10am Wednesday 7 August
    Thursday 07/04-from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm
    Wednesday 08/07-from 10:00 am to 11:30 am

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