Parcours, balades sonores à Besançon

Parcours means listening to unpublished creative documentaries in the city of Besançon.
Poetic, curious, committed, in love, these sound walks allow you to listen to the city’s story in motion and to (re) discover its heritage. The authors trace new walking routes in the city, redraw its contours by digging out current themes and finally push the walls.
Sound walks are made available to the listener via the platform and special events throughout the year (special listening sessions, impromptu walks, etc.).
The ride is a soundtrack of reality, which plays with the gap between what we see and what we hear. It invites the listener to dive into an intimate and contemplative relationship to heritage.
Artists, documentary filmmakers, residents thus compose sound documents, which leave a lasting and sound imprint of the city, to be listened to and to be listened to again.

Parcours, balades sonores à Besançon

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