Centre Dramatique National

The Centre Dramatique National Besançon Franche-Comté is a place of theatrical creation directed by Célie Pauthe since 1 September 2013. “The shows you will discover this season, through the many journeys they provoke, like so many encounters, off-centre, blurring and (af)crossing of geographical, aesthetic and internal borders, draw the map of a world that is as bitterly real as it is absolutely perfectible: ours, as it is, but above all as we would like to dream it to be different. Freer, more sensitive, more welcoming, more just. “Céline Pauthe.

From 19 April until November your theatre will be undergoing work. The CDN will benefit from a complete change of the stage in the main hall and will improve its accessibility for people with reduced mobility, notably with the construction of a dedicated lift.
They will continue to welcome you at the usual times, to collect and exchange your tickets for upcoming shows, but from the temporary premises located at Square St amour: 3 bis rue Léonel de Moustier.

As for the next shows, you will be able to come and discover them from 14 June at La Friche Artistique on the banks of the Doubs.

Centre Dramatique National
6 rue de la Mouillère Esplanade Jean-Luc Lagarce
03 81 88 55 11
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