Gateways in the heart of Franche-Comté !

If you decide to stay in Besançon, you will find a welcoming and friendly town with a wide range of activities available for you as soon as you arrive. You will also immerse yourself in an environment you will fall in love with: the heart of Franche-Comté invites you to escape for a day and discover natural, cultural and heritage sites, leisure and well-being facilities as well as thematic routes… This way, you will be able to vary your activities, making them last from an hour to a couple of days, and try one of our suggestions that you can find on the map below.

These getaways will take you away from the town center in less than an hour … Or you can even go a bit further in an hour or two, as traveling through Franche-Comté is something you should do at least once in your life, it is totally worth it! You can even jump over the boarder and visit Switzerland, our lovely neighbor!