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All our guides are certified heritage tour guides, approved by the Ministry of Culture. They guarantee the quality of your visit. They are bilingual and art and history enthusiasts.

Visites guidées pour groupes à Besançon

Why have a guide?

Your professional guide gives you a different view of Besançon’s heritage and art collections. They will enrich your discovery of the city’s history, the changes in landscape and, by involving you in their fun games, they will make it all come alive for you. They share their passion for history and art with you, making your visit to Besançon rich and very enjoyable.

Visites guidées

Different Ways to Visit:

On foot: Historical Tour

Depending on the length you choose and the interests of the group, the tour includes Castan Square, the Black Gate, Saint John’s Cathedral, the Ledoux Theatre, Granvelle Palace, the Town Hall, the Courthouse, Battant Quarter …

An absolute must-see: the fortifications built by Vauban, part of UNESCO’s World Heritage List

Tour length : 2 hours maximum

By coach: Beginning with a panoramic view from Bregille Hill (includes a talk on the history of Besançon and how the old city developed over the centuries), this tour explores the old town centre, including stops at 8 September Square (the Town Hall, the Courthouse, Saint Peter’s Church) and/or Granvelle Palace.

You’ll also see Saint Jacques’s Hospital, the old seat of the Intendant (the present Préfecture), the Black Gate and Saint John’s Cathedral.

Visite guidée à la Cathédrale de Besançon

Your guide will also speak about Vauban’s fortifications which have been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2008.

Tour length : 1 to 1.5 hours

The Museum of Time: History, clockmaking and science…and in one museum! Housed in the prestigious Renaissance Granvelle Palace, the museum pays homage to Besançon’s history and its clockmaking tradition.

This tour focuses on the architectural heritage of the museum. If you would like a tour which is scientifically oriented, please contact us.

Private Tour Length (before the museum opens to the public) : 2 hours (9.30 – 11.30 am) Closed Mondays

The Citadel – Vauban Tour: Discover the genius of Vauban’s fortification, now on the UNESCO World Heritage List. To get a real sense of the Citadel, as you visit the Vauban Museum (Espace Vauban), learn about Vauban himself, Louis XIV and his century, and what life was like in the Citadel. And throughout your tour, you will have magnificent lookout points from the ramparts onto Besançon and its surroundings.

Tour Length : 1.5 to 2 hours for 1 group (maximum 25 people) or 1 hour for each half-group

The Apothecary (can include Our Lady of Refuge Chapel): Saint Jacques’s Hospital had a pharmacy in the 17th century, owned by Gabriel Gascon, master apothecary. He bequeathed it to the hospital upon his death, in 1692. It contains about 250 pots, 200 boxes and the utensils used at that time. This collection is one of the oldest and richest of all the apothecaries in France.

Tour Length : 1 hour, (maximum 20 people). 2 hours including Our Lady of Refuge Chapel

Moncley Château: Built for the Marquis de Terrier-Santans, président à mortier of the Court of Appeals of Besançon, by the architect Claude Bertrand. He took his inspiration from Andrea Palladio and Claude-Nicolas Ledoux, and created one of the most beautiful examples of Neoclassical architecture in France.

The tour includes the kitchens and stables, the chapel and the residential quarters (bedrooms, salons…)

Tour Length: 2 hours. The château is 17 km away from Besançon.

Visite guidée pour groupes


Rates per day: € 115.00 Monday-Saturday – € 172.50 Sundays – € 230.00 Bank Holidays –

Night Rates (from 9:00 pm to 6:00 am): add 100%

Moncley Château: Add € 25.00 (does not include non-coach transportation)

Add € 30.00 for a 2-hour guided tour in English

maximum 25 people

Tickets for museums and the Citadel not included

Rates for Professional English-speaking Tour Guides

Full days and half-days

English-speaking Tour Guides
Full Day (8 hours) (does not include meals

or non-coach transportation)

Monday-Saturday € 500.00 / Sunday: € 700.00 / Bank Holidays: € 900.00

Half-day (4 hours)
Monday-Saturday: € 255.00 / Sunday: € 357.50 / Bank Holidays: € 460.00

English-speaking Tour Managers
Full Day (8 hours) (does not include meals or non-coach transportation)

Monday-Saturday: € 420.00 / Sundays : € 630.00 / Bank Holidays : € 840.00

Half-Day (4 hours)
Monday-Saturday: € 215.00 / Sunday: € 322.50 / Bank Holidays: € 430.00

Additional time, per hour: Please contact us.

Visites groupes à Besançon

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