Spécialités bisontines

Chocolate factory LE CRIOLLO, ZI of Besançon -Thise Tel:
Website: www.lecriollo.com
Faïencine, puff pastry praline with spices
Doubs Frisson, spicy praline with cocoa nibs
La croquine Comtoise, filled chocolate pearls
Chocolates Victor Hugo, assortment of new chocolates inspired by the poems of Victor Hugo
Les Contemporains, 4 original chocolate candies, assortment: curry; nutmeg; balsamic vinegar, mushrooms

OFF THE BEATEN TRAILS, 2 addresses in Besançon: 10 Rue Battant and 84 Grande Rue Tel:
Website: www.hsb.fr
Chocolate candies
Chocolate bouquets
Original casts, plaques with views of the city’s monuments

PUREMENT CHOCOLAT, 15 Rue Tristan Bernard 25000 Besançon Tel:
Website: www.purement-chocolat.fr
Many specialties, each of them represents a month of the year
The lion of Belfort

PATISSERIE BAUD 4, Grande Rue Tel:
The Griotte Bisontine
Composition: Cherry coated with chocolate.
The minutes of Besançon
Composition: Gianduja hazelnuts.

AUX CHOCOPHILES HAPPY 54, Rue des Granges Tel:
Website: www.auxchocophilesheureux.fr
Les Belles Comtoises, cute little cows to eat

CHOCOLATIER RICOT 23, Rue de la République Tel:
The Citadel cannonball

Spécialités bisontines



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