Agence Roule ma Poule – Location de matériel de bivouac

Committed to the development of a responsible and sustainable practice of outdoor activities and bivouac, our team has chosen the brand VAUDE to equip your next adventure. All our tents, sleeping bags & backpacks have been selected from the German equipment manufacturer. Founded in 1974, the brand has established itself as a leader in eco-responsibility on the European outdoor equipment market. Our team is at your side to answer your questions and to make your next adventure a responsible one, respecting the environment, the fauna, the flora, the other users and the local population.

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Agence Roule ma Poule – Location de matériel de bivouac
20 chemin du Clos Paillard
06 83 21 38 07
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Opening periods and special opening conditions / Covid-19

  • By reservation from 15 April to 31 October

  MINI MAXI Information(s) complementaire(s)
Base rate 29 € 110 € 2 nights - 7 nights (tents)