Deluz, a charming village on the banks of the Doubs, has developed in a narrow valley bordered by steep hills. If the etymology is probably of Celtic origin, the first written testimonies referring to the village date from the 13th century. In the 19th century, work began on the railway and the digging of the Monsieur canal, which led to the development of the village.

In 1879, the largest paper mill in Franche-Comté was operating in Deluz, with 450 workers. Today the buildings of the old paper mills have been partially restored and house an exhibition of old photographs evoking the village in the past and the work in the paper mills.

From the church of Saint-Martin built in 1736 to the chapel of Montoilles, passing by the old paper mills, this guided walk will allow you to discover the religious and industrial heritage of Deluz.

Reservations are required at the Tourist Office and Congresses (limited capacity) online or at the ticket office. No ticket purchase from the guide. Wearing a mask is compulsory


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Opening periods and special opening conditions / Covid-19

  • Reservation is required and a mask must be worn
from 03/22/2022 to 04/04/2022 de 15h00 à 17h30


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