Concert : Les disparitions

Concert: Les Disparitions by Sébastien Roux
Les Disparitions is a musical piece composed by Sébastien Roux for the ensemble Thymes.

It is a series of studies on the phenomenon of sound and its disappearance.

How does a sound disappear?
It can stop “cleanly”, it produces an absence.
It can recede like the tide, almost imperceptibly.
Or its timbre crumbles, frequency after frequency.
Does it give way to silence?
Or what is it replaced by?
Another sound may take its place.
Or it may mask it: it is still there, but we no longer hear it.
Or it may transform itself until it becomes something else: from a pitch, it becomes a rhythm.
Or it is still there (it is still audible, hearing it is possible) but we have forgotten it.
On the contrary, a sound that is no longer audible can continue to resonate. The sound has disappeared but its trace or echo remains.
When we become aware of its disappearance, how long has it already
has it already disappeared?

Concert : Les disparitions
Frac Franche-Comté 2 Passage des Arts
03 81 87 87 40
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12/02/2021 de 20h00 à 21h00


  • In the town centre


  • Avec une certaine autonomie
  • Yes