Sensibilisation à l’art contemporain

SUMMARY! A real MAG headline for this new cycle “Contemporary art with no complex”.

Elaborated from the columns of general women’s magazines (Elle, Femme actuelle, Marie Claire, Madame Figaro…).

Six women and seven working women out of ten read the women’s press when contemporary art attracts an identical audience, mostly women (67%). So it seemed obvious to cross the two… How does art deal with themes and subjects considered specific to women: beauty, fashion, health, home decoration, cooking and, of course, astrology with the famous horoscope that describes our lives and our future better than anyone else?

Sensibilisation à l'art contemporain
Frac Franche-Comté 2 Passage des Arts
03 81 87 87 40

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from 12/08/2021 to 01/12/2022 de 18h30 à 20h00


  • In the town centre


  • Yes