Balades sonores : Holos Gramma

In the 70s, researchers from Bisonne, mainly Claudine Bainier, Nicole Aebischer, Jean-Marc Fournier, Gilbert Tribillon have participated in the holographic adventure of this world, creating unique holograms, by their dimensions, their volume. A holographic work that has been exhibited around the world. An optical laboratory precursor in virtual reality. A few years later, Yves Gentet, an engineer in laser physics continued to invent, creating a method of holograms in very realistic colors. 3D testimonies of the past and a process “the holomaton” relaunched for tomorrow, which captures the soul of the subjects. Light sculptures that leave a presence in our interior forever.
With : Jacques Clerc, Claudine Bainier, Jean Marc Fournier and Gilbert Tribillion, Luc Froehly, Remi Meyer, Maxime Jacquot, Paula Dawson, Yves Gentet

Balades sonores : Holos Gramma
Campus de la Bouloie, fabrikà
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