L’instant archéo

“The Archaeo Moment

a series of lectures for the general public.

At the crossroads of the human sciences, earth sciences and natural sciences, archaeology has evolved considerably in recent years in its questioning, its methods of approach, its types of analysis and reflection. Numerous specialities have emerged and correspond to as many different professions, necessary to answer the ever more numerous and complex questions that researchers try to answer in their daily practice. The aim of this series of conferences is to inform a wide audience about the “making” of archaeology, in all its facets, at the beginning of the 21st century. The aim is to highlight the issues, methods and progress of contemporary archaeology, based on the presentation by specialists of their current research.

20 September 2022
Besançon in the early Middle Ages through its Christian topography
Morana Cauševic-Bully, Chrono-environnement laboratory and Marie-Laure Bassi, Besançon Historical Heritage Department

15 November 2022
Sevrey (71), a village of potters in the Middle Ages: assessment of half a century of archaeological research
Antoine Guicheteau, Inrap and ArTeHIS laboratory

17th January 2023
Royal posts and cultural and environmental heritage in the forests of the Vosges Saônoises
Daniel Daval, Aresac and Emmanuel Garnier, Chrono-environnement laboratory

21 March 2023
Sacrificial bronze and ritual landscapes: metal deposits in the Jura during the Bronze Age
Jean-François Piningre, ArTeHIS laboratory and Estelle Gauthier, Chrono-environnement laboratory

16 May 2023
An ancient ironworks site between Besançon and Dole: the Berthelange district
Hervé Laurent, DRAC Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, regional archaeology department

16 June 2023
The tomb of Vix repressed: a new look at an exceptional testimony to the princely phenomenon* Bastien Dubuis, Inrap
Bastien Dubuis, Inrap and ArTeHIS laboratory

*On the occasion of the European Archaeology Days

L'instant archéo
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