Chemin de Compostelle – Bretelle Besançon Marnay AF-CCC

This path leads from the Doubs Valley to the Ognon Valley and is located in the peri-urban area of ​​Besançon.
Quiet and green landscape rising gently to the edge of the Haute-Saône plateaus, we see Comtois bell towers, fountains-washhouses and the remains of old defensive constructions.
This 22.7 km slip road is fully marked and maintained by the Association Franc-Comtoise du Chemin de Compostelle. The markup is the European shell on a yellow background. In all cases, the markup takes precedence over the descriptions of the guides.
Departures are from the Tilleroyes Care Center car park at the bus stop (terminus) where an AF-CCC information panel is located.
The route is sometimes road, caution is required (walk to the left).
Brochure for download in the Documents and Brochures tab at the bottom of the page, French and German version.

The objectives of the Association Franc-Comtoise du Chemin de Compostelle (Af-ccc):
The association, created in 2000, aims to promote the ways of Compostela. It can be recognized in the values ​​attributed by the Council of Europe in 1987 to the European Cultural Routes: tolerance, hospitality and solidarity. The Af-ccc adheres to the objectives of the French Federation of the Roads to Compostela (FFACC) which are to bring the roads into our time while preserving their soul and their authenticity.

Chemin de Compostelle - Bretelle Besançon Marnay AF-CCC
46 chemin du Sanatorium Parking Centre de Soins des Tilleroyes

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