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A chef at your fingertips

Benoit Rotschi, chef of Mungo Park (former Michelin-starred restaurant in Besançon) is passionate about cooking and meeting new people, hence the unwavering desire to share his love for cooking, to make the products speak, those he cooks, CÔTE COURS – CÔTE CUISINE was born.
“His cuisine opens his eyes, he imagines it as a landscape. It is not only a sum of tastes, it is colors, shapes, and above all it is the link of a whole much larger than the plate. She brings us these multiple stories shaped from producer to consumer. Renewed, endlessly. ”
Article from the Republican East (2012) by Catherine CHAILLET
Benoît Rotschi shares the secrets of his recipes with us and offers cooking classes at home, or more simply, cooking for you, at home!
Simple and refined recipes based on products from local producers.
Do not hesitate to contact him in order to discover a gourmet experience.

Its services:
Home cooking
Cooking class at home
Cocktail, dinner meal, business meal …

Côté cours - Côté cuisine - Benoit Rotschi
31 Avenue Carnot
07 81 96 14 31


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