Foyer Sainte Anne

The Foyer Ste Anne is a privileged place of welcome. We welcome pilgrims, tourists on their journey, groups of associations or sportsmen… your sessions, your retreats, your seminars and your training courses.
We offer you a warm and personalised welcome, and a team that is always available,
a green space in a peaceful setting with free parking, facilities adapted to your needs and special attention to each person.
For meetings: numerous meeting rooms
To eat: several dining rooms that can accommodate large gatherings
For accommodation: 42 rooms in a pleasant setting
To recharge your batteries: spiritual days and retreats

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Foyer Sainte Anne
16 rue d'Avanne
03 81 56 51 38
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Opening periods and special opening conditions / Covid-19

  • All year round on reservation (except Christmas and Easter holidays)
from 01/01/2022 to 12/18/2022

  • In the country
  • Outskirts of town

  • Yes

  • 92 people

  • 92 people
  • Wifi

  MINI MAXI Information(s) complementaire(s)
Night (per person) 27 € 38 € Night + breakfast included; mini maxi depending on double room or not, with individual shower or not
Meals 15 € - Meals served at lunchtime and in the evening
Half day package 25 € - Half day with meal for 1 to 12 people; if more than 12 people 2 extra euros per person
Half day package 40 € - Half day without meal for 1 to 12 people; if more than 12 people 3.25 euros extra per person
room rental 50 € - Room fee for a full day: 1 to 12 people; if more than 12 people 4 euros extra per person

Means of payment

  • Credit card
  • Cheques and postal orders
  • Currencies
  • Cash
  • Bank transfers