Randonnée Nordique

Are you looking for a simple, accessible, fun activity? Here is one: Nordic walking. On reservation

Known and practiced for a long time in Scandinavian countries, it is finally developing here in Besançon.
It is a gentle, complete activity, which mobilizes 90% of the body’s muscles, helps to straighten the bust and strengthen all the supporting muscles, so it’s an activity that will make you feel better, more toned, get some fresh air and discover wonderful places all around the loop. Are you hesitating? The poles are on loan, you are supervised by a trained and attentive professional. Take the step, try it!

Reservation is compulsory at the Tourist and Convention Bureau (limited gauge) online or at the ticket office. No ticket purchase from the guide. Wearing a mask is compulsory

Randonnée Nordique

03 81 80 92 55

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Opening periods and special opening conditions / Covid-19

  • Wearing a mask and booking is compulsory at the Tourist Office and Congresses of Greater Besançon.
from 02/19/2022 to 04/09/2022 de 14h00 à 16h00


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