Battant : chansons des rues au son de l’orgue de barbarie

In the company of “Paris Sépia” and a tour guide, discover Battant in a different way, a district of winegrowers, watchmakers … On reservation

Battant, a district of winegrowers and watchmakers, washerwomen and thugs. Outside the loop survives the little people of bisontin and socialist thought grows at the end of the nineteenth century. We dance the waltz, the java and the polka in the back rooms of the bistros, we buy songs from the music merchant in the market. Battant resists, writes and sings …
Meet at 8 p.m. in front of Fort Griffon –
Prices: € 10 – € 8 for students, under 18, members, disabled. € 3 for under 10s and job seekers.
Reservations required at the Convention and Visitors Bureau (limited capacity) online or at the ticket office. No ticket purchase from the guide.
Face covering required

Battant : chansons des rues au son de l'orgue de barbarie
1 rue de ronde du fort Griffon Fort Griffon
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