Plan d’eau Fédéral de l’Orme

Plan d’eau de l’Orme :
The Orme lake has been entrusted to the management of the Doubs Fishing Federation for more than 10 years.
The aim is to boost carp fishing in gravel pits. The fishing is “reserved” totally in no-kill:
– Carp fishing (24h/24)
– For the Federation’s Fishing Nature animation
Since 2013, a place for people with reduced mobility is available.
High densities of carp, white suckers.
Open all year round, 8 ha, No-Kill
To fish, reservations are MANDATORY by contacting the Federation
the Federation at least 48 hours before the planned date at 03 81 41 19 09
Monday to Thursday from 8am to 12pm and from 2pm to 5pm – Friday morning from 8am to 12pm

Plan d'eau Fédéral de l'Orme

03 81 41 19 09
See website



Closing days

Tuesday Thursday Saturday Sunday Friday midday

Opening periods and special opening conditions / Covid-19

All year round The private lake is not open for night fishing during the curfew period. Only daytime reservations are possible for the moment. Contact the Doubs fishing federation beforehand during opening hours for reservations and payment terms (the fishing card does not work on the lake). Carp fishing in no-kill only all year long.


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