Mardis des rives Gliz et Jim Murple Memorial

Gliz, atypical rock
Banjo, tuba, drums: the trio combines the energy of rock with a fresh and surprising pop.

With its instruments from before electricity, Gliz sends out fresh pop mixed with the grime and energy of rock. The band is not afraid of anything, makes fun of codes and boxes and delivers a rich, unique and striking music. Take a tuba from a brass band, rip rock patterns from a groovy drum kit, shoot in grandpa’s banjo, electrify this quirky ante-vintage instrumentarium… Gliz’s sound is there: organic, rootsy and modern, sensitive and brutal! The 1st album of the Jura trio, released in June 2019, allowed the combo to pour its original music all over France. A new album is in preparation and is expected to be released in autumn 2022.

Jim Murple Memorial
Jamaican Rhythm’n’Blues
The band delivers an ode to the Jamaica of the 50’s in a vibrant and colourful atmosphere.

For 28 years, the group has been delivering an ode to the Jamaica of the 50’s and 60’s by interpreting revisited classics and original compositions, in order to share with the public the traditional Jamaican music that is Rhythm’n’Blues. On the occasion of its 10th album called “4” released in 2020, the collective, composed of 7 musicians, joins forces with 4 young and new voices, making the atmosphere of the group even more vibrant and colourful than ever!
The + : During the closing evening, the music schools of Bisontine AMUSO, CAEM, Orchestre d’Harmonie Municipal and MJC Palente will be present on site to present their activities.

Access within the limits of available places: reservation recommended

Mardis des rives Gliz et Jim Murple Memorial
Parc de la Rhodiacéta Avenue de Chardonnet
03 81 61 51 01
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Opening periods and special opening conditions / Covid-19

  • Tuesday 30 August from 8pm to 10pm


  • In town


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