Visite guidée : Nos plus belles maisons de la Renaissance

Besançon, a free and imperial city, experienced a period of peace and prosperity under the government of Emperor Charles V, which was favourable to the development of the arts.
The presence in Besançon of illustrious men, friends of the emperor and art lovers such as Nicolas and Antoine de Granvelle, encouraged the introduction of the artistic revival characteristic of the 16th century.

Two tours with different dates and meeting places!

Prices: 8€ -6€ for students, under 18s, members of the Tourist Office (on presentation of a card), disabled people. Free for under 12s and jobseekers.

Visite guidée : Nos plus belles maisons de la Renaissance
52 grande rue 2 circuits = 2 lieux de rendez-vous
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Opening periods and special opening conditions / Covid-19

  • Circuit 1 : 5pm Wednesday 8 June, 6 July, 10 August, Tuesday 6 September 3pm Friday 7 October Circuit 2 : 5pm Wednesday 29 June, 20 July, 24 August 3pm Monday 26 September, Monday 31 October
from 08/24/2022 to 10/31/2022


  • In the town centre


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