Balades sonores : Poèmes sonores (Haïkus du Doubs)

© Balades sonores / Clémence Curlier
  • © Balades sonores / Clémence Curlier

    The students of the CLA (Applied Linguistic Center of Besançon) wrote Haikus, these short poems, of Japanese origin, which celebrate the evanescence of things. In a writing game between two stations of a tram or bus route - they tell their trip, the capricious weather of Besançon, express their feelings and bring their visions of a city that they learn, every day. , to rub shoulders with. Far from their original life, here in Besançon, they build their understanding of a new culture, a new way of life and keep in them the intoxicating nostalgia of their many memories.


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