Festival "Latino Corazón" 2023

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    Now in its 14th year, the programme includes: a promotional tour of the city; an exhibition at the Azep district house; 8 films and meetings with key players in Ibero-American culture; radio programmes on Radio BIP; a street show and a closing ceremony. The festival will run from 20 to 25 November 2023. On Saturday 18 November, there will be a promotional tour of the city with Batu' Caem, An exhibition of traditional Latin American costumes at the AZEP neighbourhood centre thanks to Mr and Mrs Truong, radio broadcasts on Radio BIP, screenings and meetings with key figures in Ibero-American culture at the Petit Kursaal in Besançon. This year we will be screening 8 recent or forthcoming Latin American films, including Felipe Gálvez's Chilean film "Les colons" and Manuela Martelli's Chile 1976. In partnership with les2scènes and the Spanish department of the Faculté des lettres de Besançon Franche-Comté, this focus on Chile will commemorate the fateful date of 11 September. The Latino Corazón festival also includes a closing show on 25 November, which attracts an enthusiastic audience every year. This event is organised in conjunction with associations such as Arco Iris and artists of both local and international renown, including : Opening act: "kainza trio", Arab-Andalusian music with Carina Zeiger, Maemon Rahal and Azis Boulaaroug. And in the second half: "Les Soeurs Caronni": from the opera houses of Buenos Aires to the stages of Europe, they made their cello and clarinet sing.


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    From 20 to 25 November
    from 11/20 to 11/25/2023-

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