Catherine Ringer - Poésie / Chanson à Besançon

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    In a poem dated 2018, Alice Mendelson writes: "To age well, it is good To have the vice of joy." She was 93 years old. Two years later, she wrote: "To love better is my great concern, my application, My research and if possible, my invention. If I fail, I accept and look again. It is my greatest work, my last, I think. At 97, she continues to write. "Breathing is a blessing, and reminds me of my essential address: the dwelling warmed by your skin against mine." One of her lines could be her motto: "Never hurry to live!" Catherine was introduced to Alice Mendelson's poetry by Pascal Quéré - a distinguished storyteller who trained Alice in storytelling. She invites us to listen to her poems, some read and accompanied on the piano by the music of Grégoire Hetzel, others as songs composed with Mauro Gioia, who also directs.


    11/30-from 8:00 pm to 11:59 pm

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