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Visite théâtralisée : Victor Hugo, un bisontin rêvé


    These tours in the heart of the city combine guide-lecturers and actors and shed light on two literary geniuses in an entertaining way.
    In April 1802, Victor Hugo left Besançon for good. Six weeks earlier, he had been born in a small house on Place Saint-Quentin. This too quick stay did not prevent Victor Hugo from remaining attached to his native town and if he did not return, he nevertheless kept a solid and friendly link with the people of Besançon.
    Artists, writers and intellectuals frequented his Parisian salon and turned to him when they needed to sponsor a young artist starting out.
    A guided tour to reveal, thanks to the chosen itineraries, the tenuous but solid links woven between Victor Hugo and his native town to which he never returned... but one can always dream...

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