Camp-chantier de jeunes

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    For 15 days, the young people will continue to work on the pincers of the Royal Front and integrate the restoration of a 19th century staircase. They will also have to work in the room where the mill of the Citadel is preserved. This workcamp is part of a project to restore and enhance the mill: the young people will work on putting back in place the dislocated paving stones, restoring the missing paving stones and re-pointing the walls of the room. The volunteers will also continue to revegetate the paving made at the request of Vauban, which is located near the half-moon, at the top of the glacis, between the Front-royal and the Front Saint-Etienne, in order to make it visible to the public. This work will of course be interspersed with visits, games, swimming... Everything is done to ensure that these 15 days are a time of unforgettable leisure, sharing and discovery! This camp is aimed at young people between 14 and 17 years old. Half of the participants will come from Besançon and half from other areas.


    Opening periods

    From 8 to 22 July
    from 07/08 to 07/22/2023-

    Practical information

    Culture and tradition


      MINI Max Additional information
    Other rates255 €-accommodation and meal expenses
    Base rate30 €-registration