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Johann Marmier photographe

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    As a freelance globe-trotting photographer, photography is a passion for me and has become my profession. To take the time to observe with the heart so that the eye fixes the moment. Serious and meticulous, I like to put in image the simplicity of beauty in everything. Let yourself be carried away by a different sensitivity and emotion. There is no limit to photography. "Close your eyes, I open them for you Photo therapy "It is undeniable that photography is a powerful "mirror" tool that allows you to enter into a conversation with your image. Here it is not a question of posing like a model, nor of projecting oneself into the skin of another. On the contrary, throughout the session, I invite you to find yourself, to listen to yourself, to discover yourself in your best light, in a safe and caring environment.


    from Sunday 01/01 to Sunday 12/31/2023-

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