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Be ready for an amazing and beautiful day in this 30 acre (15 hectares) landscaped park. During a 2.5 km walking trip, discover the evolution of life on earth with about a hundred reproductions presented in their circles of origin. Dinosaur fossils have been found in this JURA region. You will find an explanatory board in English along the route. Human prehistory, scenes of everyday life, (hunting, fishing, cave wall painting, family life...) set in the heart of a small valley crossed by a stream. A realistic return to the life of our ancestors in the wild and natural setting of long ago!
Prehistory Show/Animations is an Experience prehistory as your ancestors did. Learn how to use an atlatl, the favorite hunting tool of Cro-Magnon man. Learn to make a fire using natural elements. If you feel like being an artist, you can try cave wall painting.
Attractions and shows:
- Dino race ride for an unforgettable family moment

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rue de la Préhistoire
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Besançon and surroundings, Jura Massif, Loue Lison

Nearest station : Hôpital du Grosbois


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